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Monday Rainbows

Happy Monday!

I feel like it’s the last of the good weather days here in Portland, the leaves are coming down like crazy and this morning I was woken up by a man with a leaf blower, totally weird to an English girl, we usually just leave them for someone to slip on!

Clinging on to these last rays of sunshine and injecting them into my wardrobe today with some of these rainbow coloured jeans, what a cute way to get some colour into your daily life.


The blue and pinks are my favourite! What do you think?

Bright jeans+ neutral knits = WIN!

Emily x

Photo credits from top to gorgeous bottom: The Vogue Diaries, Fashion Salade, Eat Sleep Denim, Simple Lovely, Denimology, The Blonde Salad and Chicismo

Keep Calm and Sparkle

I’m fast becoming a bit of a fashion magpie, if I see something that sparkles I want it.

So you can guess how much I love these looks, bringing a bit of glitz to a glum day.

Anyone brave enough to try these looks day to day? Show me some pics!

I’m not sure I’m brave enough to wear these looks during the day, but hats off to the girls that do.

Emily x

Pictures from Lucy Laucht, Pinterest, Zara and from the aptly named Glitter Guide

Shhhh I have a secret lusting

Wanting what I can’t have is a great personality flaw of mine, yes I have several, maybe even hundreds but this classic jealous streak, which I can only attach to the colour of my eyes is annoying and at times self destructive.

Today my bloody green eyes are making me lust after something I think every woman lusts after at least once in their life and that’s long hair.

Not just long unkempt locks, but full flowing, bouncing around in the sunshine, shiny, glossy, Rapunzel! Rapunzel! let down your hair kind of locks.

Yes people, in short, I want to look like a Kardashian and I aint afraid to say it.

My hair, like a lot of ladies, is victim to the modern day morning torture chamber routine of dying, blow drying, straightening, crimping, the works. It’s because of this my hair sits limply at my collar bone, refusing to budge another inch because it knows it’s about to get another round in the torture chamber, heating up to the max.

I know that I’m not going to find an overnight cure that will make my hair grow another 4 inches overnight (despite all those spam emails telling me about inch growth) but for now there’s one very promising option, hair extensions.

Now I’ve been down this road before, not so long ago after a disastrous mullet style bob courtesy of Toni & Guy (we’ve all been there I’m sure) I went through several cheap sets of clip in hair extensions. I look back at photos, cringe at the mismatched colour and the ratty ends of these poor shoddy clip ins that needed shoving in the bin and not paraded around London night clubs.

This time it’ll be different right? I’ll end up like one of these ladies won’t I?

These green eyes are saying YES! I’m doing it, clip ins are the way forward, add to shopping cart, done.

I can always unclip them…

Emily x

Pictures (from top to bottom) Flickr, Necole Bitchie (hilarious name) Tumblr, Kelly Moore and Tumblr

Pastels Forever

Pastels aren't just for summer days

Mine are for Fall days too.

Emily x

Pictures from Poppytalk Handmade, Flickr, Anothermag, thebumblebees, Pinterest and me in my favourite pastel jumper from Forever 21.


A Diptic Halloween

I’ve found a new favourite app for my iphone and again it’s photography based, but I absolutely adore it!

Diptic is a really easy way to create a photo masterpiece on your phone by combining several shots to make one really sweet looking framed photo.

It’s a really easy interface to use, choose from a 2, 3 or 4 picture layout, choose your photos and start playing around with the colours and start creating.

Completely addictive.

Emily x

The photos are mine, taken on my iphone around Portland.


Inspirational Hallways

As of this Saturday we’ll be all moved in to our swanky new apartment, we will have been here in Portland for a whole month and life is just ticking on by nicely. It also means that it’ll be just a few weeks before all our boxes of “stuff” from England arrive, perfect timing to make the new home feel, well, more homely!

When arriving in America we pretty much arrived with the clothes on our back a few suitcases and little savings, nowhere near enough to kit out an entire apartment. In short we’re got zip and we’re starting all over again from fresh.

Lucky for me, with a shed load of time on my hands, this is a pretty exciting project to have and I want intend to throw myself into it, that is until I find a few new friends to hang out with all day long.

First up for me to play about with is the entrance way to our apartment. Often an overlooked and unloved space I want to make ours a cosy, modern and welcoming area something like these..

It’s a very small entrance space to decorate but if I can find a small enough mirrored console to fit, it’s going to look so pretty.

Emily x

Images from top to bottom are from The Lovely Cupboard, Ish and Chi and Sugar Sugar

Sunny Sartorialist

Just spotted this delicious picture on The Sartorialist and wanted to share.

Insanely jealous of the dress, weather, her hair, glasses etc

Just beautiful.

Emily x

P.S I was once told that all The Sartorialist’s shots are staged, please say this isn’t so!

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I remember my first Halloween quite vividly, there I was with all my mates at the grand age of 4 declaring I would not be coming in for my tea as I was going trick or treating! Dad, in response to his cheeky 4 year old devil (without the costume) told me that trick or treating was like begging, dragged me in kicking and screaming and there started my obsession with Halloween.

Since those days I managed to persuade my dad to let me throw a few parties as a kid, then had my days dressed like a slutty witch/cave girl/zombie and even managed to sneak in a trick or treating adventure when I was 12 (too old?)  I reached my Halloween peak at the first year of University when the party flat a few floors below mine threw the dirtiest, grungiest, most spectacular Halloween rave I have ever been to, or am ever likely to go to again. Think blacked out walls, hundreds of bodies- costume clad bodies, dancing on tables and chairs, whilst drinking straight out of bottles of wine, awesomeness). Peak reached, it’s all been downhill from there and I’ve been hiding from trick or treaters ever since.

So, whilst us Brits are finally getting wind that Halloween is an excuse to throw a party and dress up like an idiot (who know’s the real reason behind Halloween anyway?) I find myself thrown to the land where Halloween is a month long party and excuse to get crafty, dress up you dog and go insane with your costumes.

I’m getting inspired this week by all the beautifully decorated houses, porches and stoops in the Portland area, I’m heading out today to take photos whilst it’s still sunny.

For now these pretty pictures make me want to put the heating on, listen to some Fleet Foxes and get crafting.

Photos kindly nicked from here, here, here and here- Thanking you.

Emily x

Weekend plans?

What the hell are you guys up to this weekend?

Nilesh and I will be busy making the bedroom in our new flat liveable for our move across town next weekend. We’ve become all old and achy and bought of of those stupidly expensive Tempur-pedic mattresses, I can’t wait to have a kip on it. I’m hoping it will rid me of these crazy apocalyptic dreams I’ve been having recently, very strange.

I’m also planning on dragging him to the movies (yet again) to see more of my favourite man of the moment Ryan Gosling, the object of many a grown ladies desire especially since watching The Notebook. My housemate at Uni and dear friend Linda said “I don’t think any man will ever compare to his character” ahhhh Ryan.

However it does help that he’s in 3 films at the cinema at the moment, enough for a quick weekend fix.

Have you seen Drive yet? If not, why the hell not? It’s incredible and the soundtrack alone is just modern day electro 80′s perfection especially this little song right here.

Here’s a little montage of Ryan Gosling looking all lovely.

Have a lovely weekend.

Emily x


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It was all yellow

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “fashion loves” montage, mainly because I’ve been living out of one suitcase for the past few months but now I’m back to living in the “real world” I’m presenting to you my latest style crush, the yellow skirt.

Bright pieces are essential for me this winter because, one, I now live in a city that rains 24/7 and two, my wardrobe is otherwise full of stripes and caramel coloured trousers, dull, dull, dull.

Here are some of my favourite examples, long, short and midi perfection.

 Demin and yellow via This Time Tomorrow

Long length yellow via Pinterest

Another beautiful denim + yellow combo via Strikes Our Fancy

Smart pleats with cute ballet flats via Bloom

My favourite stripes and mid length yellow…drool….via Chictopia

Now if I could just locate one in the Portland area…

Emily x 

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