Ooooh Portland is getting chilly!

The leaves are finally giving up the ghost and falling off the trees, creating nice, slippery hazards for me when I’m running around the neighbourhood. The heating in our flat is cranked up to a constant 75 degrees and I’m turning into one of those hermit crabs that shuffle outside of their homes for 5 seconds and then dart back in, safe, cosy, warm.

It’s times like these that Nilesh and I overly use the words “hunker down” regularly used as an excuse to watch movies under a blanket or to effectively bail on any outdoor social plans. Dressing in soft, cashmere, comfy like clothes, huge jumpers! wooly socks! Oh wintery weather, how I have missed you.

In light of the hunker down season, here are some cozy inspirational pics to get you in the mood.*

*Hunkering down does not have to include a partner, it is just as effective, if not better, if you’re alone, as you don’t have to share your blanket/chocolate/tea/remote etc.

Happy hunkering!

Emily x

Cozy imaging courtesy of Pinterest, Always the Gentleman, Crush Cul De Sac, Tiny White Daises and Nerd Nirvana

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