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Hunker down

Ooooh Portland is getting chilly!

The leaves are finally giving up the ghost and falling off the trees, creating nice, slippery hazards for me when I’m running around the neighbourhood. The heating in our flat is cranked up to a constant 75 degrees and I’m turning into one of those hermit crabs that shuffle outside of their homes for 5 seconds and then dart back in, safe, cosy, warm.

It’s times like these that Nilesh and I overly use the words “hunker down” regularly used as an excuse to watch movies under a blanket or to effectively bail on any outdoor social plans. Dressing in soft, cashmere, comfy like clothes, huge jumpers! wooly socks! Oh wintery weather, how I have missed you.

In light of the hunker down season, here are some cozy inspirational pics to get you in the mood.*

*Hunkering down does not have to include a partner, it is just as effective, if not better, if you’re alone, as you don’t have to share your blanket/chocolate/tea/remote etc.

Happy hunkering!

Emily x

Cozy imaging courtesy of Pinterest, Always the Gentleman, Crush Cul De Sac, Tiny White Daises and Nerd Nirvana

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MK & A

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it all over again, I bloody love the Olsen twins. These girls have got some serious style going on, they’re so beautifully dainty and fragile like little china dolls, china dolls with a vast collection of sky high Louboutins that is.

My personal favourite style of the Olsen twin is one that’s a little tanned with freckles, but honestly whatever they look like they just ooze sophisticat coolness.

Here’s a little Olsen style celebration/visual feast for you, enjoy!

Emily x

All pictures from the mighty blog that is Olsens Anonymous.

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The secret coffee club

Are you one of those people, like me, that just doesn’t get coffee?

I’ve never been able to get my taste bubs to commit to a rich and creamy Colombian roast, or some equally douchey description of the stuff. Even a prissy cappuccino makes me gag.

As much as I detest the stuff, every once in a while I find myself having to make a cup of coffee for a friend, co worker, my boyfriend but I’m always absolutely clueless how to make it. It’s like a friend handing me over their car and asking me to change the tyres, what the what am I supposed to do first?

I’ve recently, however, stumbled across these handy little visual beauties. These infographics are perfect for the non coffee drinker, it even gets me excited about making the next flat white for someone.

I think I may have to have these blown up and framed for display in the kitchen, it may take some time for me to perfect the little pattern on top of the foam though.

Emily x

Infographics provided by: Stumbled Upon, 22 Words and Top Cultured. I’m IN LOVE with infographics at the moment, expect more this week!


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Tough day

Today has been the roughest day I’ve endured in a while and tomorrow is going to be even worse.

What do you do to pick yourself up when you’re having a bad day? Or you’re about to go through a tough time?

These are my top 5 distraction techniques to get me back on the right track
1. Watching back to back episodes of Sex & the City, The Office or 30 Rock, a little light hearted giggle always works to crack through a tough day.

2. Watch a Disney movie, the last one I watched was Princess and the Frog on a flight to the US and I’m not ashamed to admit I had a little cry. I’ve got Tangled all queued up and ready for tomorrow, a little trip away from the real world is always a winner.

3. Put on your pjs, blast some bad music on your stereo, dance, sing into your hairbrush and feel better. Just make sure your curtains are closed to avoid any awkward moments with your neighbours or videos on Youtube.

4. Go for a little walk around the block. In the shittest of situations a quick walk around the neighbourhood is proven to boost your mood, it alwaysmakes me feel so much better and if you can get out in the sunshine on these short wintery days, bonus!

5. Hug! Hug your partner, a family member, a complete stranger even! a nice cuddle is a quick and always appreciated. Try and hold it for longer than 6 seconds as it’s supposed to optimise the flow of mood boosting chemicals.

I’d be interested to know your techniques for dealing with tough days if you fancy sharing..

Emily x

P.s looking at doggy pictures ^see above^ can also boost your mood*

*Not scientifically proved

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My love affair with Kirsten

*I have a secret dark wish to pose for Terry Richardson*

I think this is as close as I’m going to get though, as my doppleganger does the job for me.

How beautiful does Kirsten Dunst look in these photos? Like, seriously gorgeous right?

Pictures taken by Terry Richardson for The New York Times T magazine. If you haven’t already seen his blog (why not?!) check it out here. Be warned it’s VERY addictive and you can loose yourself in the blog for hours- enjoy!

Emily x

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The Hawaii hangover cure

Happy Sunday lovies

I’m currently sat on the sofa, underneath a huge duvet, half watching the Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur, football/soccer team) match and half nursing a slight hangover from an impromptu Saturday night out.

Instead of having the Sunday blues I’m concentrating on the holiday to Hawaii that’s been booked for April- yippie! Don’t you find that life’s always a little better when you’ve got something to look forward to? Oh and my mum and dad are coming too!

My head is pounding, to soothe the strain I’m imagining my Hawaiian sun soaked days to go a little something like this…

Yup, yup, that’ll do nicely. I can almost feel this hangover melting away in the sun.

Can’t wait.

Emily x

On a side note, Portland where the hell are your dance clubs at? I want to go dancing on a Saturday night, not drinking a cocktail in a fancy bar, hit me back yeah? x

Photo credits: Pinterest, The Colourful Living Project, Unknown, Butterflywithwings and City Pictures.

Dog gone

One of the hardest things to leave behind in England was Spencer, my 4 year only Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Grumpy, chubby and the greatest (dog) love of my life, no dog can possibly compete with this little doggy dumpling. Ever since my parents offered to take him, my life has always been a little emptier without his snuffley little nose and scratchy paws on the bed when he needed a 2am wee.

The story of Spence isn’t a sad one, oh no; now living the life of riley he’s retired to the countryside to live out his doggy days. Mainly snuggled up by the fire after long beachy Cornish walks, he’s really happy, so why do I feel so sad about it still?

He’s not gone, he’s still here, but too far for when I want to go for a walk on these crisp sunny mornings or have long lazy Sunday cuddles followed by a long stroll around the park.

Yes dogs are hard work, take all of your time and effort to train them and mould them into wonderful loyal creatures you want them to be, but if you asked me to do it all over again, I wouldn’t hesitate.

I hope that one day, in the not so distant future, I’ll have a little dog buddy again, until that day I’ll be that high pitch squealing girl running across the road just to stroke your dog.

Emily x

Top photo via NNM, bottom photo is all mine.

Portland through the eyes of another

My other half has recently returned to the wonderful world of the iphone, after a year having a Portuguese friendly Nokia 3210 or something of that standard.

Now we’re at that beautiful stage in our relationship where we only communicate via the wonderful world of Twitter or Facebook, kidding, couples that do that are lame.
He does however take a beautiful photo and he blogs here too.

This is Portland, so far, via his eye phone.


In case you were wondering, Portland is still treating us like Kings, we’re super happy with life here so far.

Long may it continue.

Emily x


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