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Tuesday Trend

Here’s a very quick, cute and easy Trend Tuesday for you today, spotted via the very lovely Garance Doré who shares my love of sweet skirts and even sweeter sweaters in this wintery weather.

I’ve cheated a little by finding a very cute and very affordable cream sweater for you with pink heart elbow pads, the perfect little pre valentines treat for your wardrobe it’s just adorable.



Emily x

Ps. This sweater also comes in black which would work perfectly with a gorgeous neon pink bag too.

Happy Mondays

Happy Monday beautiful readers.

Yes it’s Monday again but let’s make it a great one shall we? This is one of those songs that will always put me in a great place, so it should totally work for you too.

Have an ace Monday!

Emily x

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The week that was

This week I took my lovely Canon camera out with me, as much as I love Instagram it’s nice to take some pictures on a real digital camera and practice the skills I learnt with Lisa Warninger.

I hope you all have plans this weekend? Nilesh and I have just been approved for Zip Cars so we’ll hopefully be taking a trip out of Portland, most probably to Target! and of course lots of walks with Daisy, while the weather stays sunny.

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you do.

Emily x

Topshop Tumblr

Have you guys seen that Topshop have a Tumblr?


Showcasing the latest street style trends, Topshop staff pics and you can even submit your own fashion pics, pretty addictive viewing I think you’ll agree.



I wish they would open a store in Portland or somewhere nearby, I miss shopping there so much as it’s always filled with affordable fashion goodies. I don’t know about you but online shopping just doesn’t quite hit the spot for me.

While they get on that, I’ll be glued to their fabulous Tumbr.

Let’s get involved!

Emily x

P.s Do you have a favourite Tumblr I should be following? Let me know :)

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Wednesday wishes

Aren’t maps just the best?

For me, they remind me of exciting Geography lessons at school, day dreaming of far away lands I could one day visit.

For now, I’d love an old antique map, framed and hung somewhere important in our apartment where Nilesh and I can plan our next adventures, even if they’re just to the next state.

Emily x

All images via my Pinterest.

Tuesday Trend

If you’ve been on another planet for the past month then you won’t have seen the news *everywhere* that Pantone has chosen their colour of the year, Tangerine Tango.

Now I was going to skip over this news because there are lots of other blog posts on this colour, that was until I found my favourite street style look this week, via The Locals, which just happens to be bang on the trend~ smart lady.

Jumper/ Blouse/ Jeans/ Shoes/ Bag/ Trench


Be bold and put a bit of orange love in your wardrobe for 2012. If you’re not brave enough to go all over orange, why not try an orange coloured accessory or some tangerine coloured talons?

Have fun experimenting!

Emily x

Happy Mondays

Yay! It’s Monday again!

Anyone got anything nice planned this week? I have lots of dates with the treadmill and the dog park, oh and of course lots of blogging.

Today, if you’re not quite in the Monday mood, turn this number up loud, for extra laughs watch the video. You are SO welcome.

Whatever you do, wherever you are, have a wonderful Monday.

Emily x

Photo credits: 29.Media, Casilda se casa, This Is Not Porn, Pinterest, The Jew In J Crew, Eye Poetry and La Dolce Vita


I collect wise words…

..then I store them all here because my mind cannot possibly hold all those pearls of wisdom.

Here’s some that stood out recently.

Emily x

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The week that was

This week’s been a pretty quiet one slowly recovering from the New Years party (Instax above) Solitary cups of delicious PG Tips as Daisy went to work with Nilesh for the day. I found a quirky notebook in H&M to play house to my Instax obsession. Oh, and a stash of the cancelled film CT Precisa, expired in 200o which was a late Christmas present for Nilesh.  Fingers crossed for some sunny days and colourful pictures. Final picture was my full 80s get up, oh I do love dressing up :)

Hope everyone’s having a relaxing, enjoyable weekend.

Emily x

Playing house

If you haven’t already noticed by now I, along with most of the world, am a pinning addict.

I didn’t realise how massive Pinterest had got until I was talking to my hairdresser (kind of loudly) about my obsession and the whole salon burst into howls of appreciation,  and everyone seemed to agree the best bit about Pinterest is getting the app for your smart phone. Pinning on the go? bloody genius.

Here at home I’ve been busy making our apartment feel slightly more lived in and snug, rather than just a room with a sofa and TV in it. Now I’m going to make a little confession here…it’s a biggie…we’ve hired an interior designer (!)

I know that it’s kind of cheating ;) but it’s really helped me out as for the first time in my life I have no idea where to buy all the things that I’m looking for. I’m totally baffled by all the incredible stores here in the US, you just have too many stores to choose from and this is where our interior designer has been a god send and bizarrely Pinterest.

Not being the most articulate of souls I’m able to put all my ideas and inspirations in one folder and our interior designer has found (and created) some great pieces for us to buy according to my pins- simples.

For now my dream home looks like this according to Pinterest…

We’re still in the early stages of change, but I’ll give you a glimpse of what we’re up to here very, very soon.

Have you been planning your dream home on Pinterest? Or your dream wedding? Let me know your Pinterest name and I’ll follow you! I’m always looking for more home inspiration.

Emily x

Pictures from: Video ga ga, Ideas to Steal, Unknown, Apartment Therapy, Etsy and Flickr

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