Happy Monday to you all and a Happy Birthday to me!

This week I’m in LA to have a little adventure time with my darling other half and celebrate hitting my mid-late 20′s (eesh!)

I’ve picked out a few local inspiring images with lots of colour and sunshine to make your Monday brighter. Oh and have a listen to this classic tune too, you can never go wrong with a little bit of The Beach Boys, they always put me in a happy place.

I hope my little collage can inspire you to go ahead and book that trip/holiday/vacation you’ve been thinking about. Life, as they say, is far too short not to.

Stop dreaming and start doing.

I’ve been well prepared and lined up my usual Trend Tuesday and Wednesday wishes posts but with a little Hollywood sparkle/spin added in. Make sure you stop by and say hello!

Have a lovely Monday.

Emily x

Today’s pictures: LA (Unknown) // Poster // Big Wheel // Dance (Unknown) // Stars // Sunset // High Colours // Debbie // Sunlight // Hollywood