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A Diptic Halloween

I’ve found a new favourite app for my iphone and again it’s photography based, but I absolutely adore it!

Diptic is a really easy way to create a photo masterpiece on your phone by combining several shots to make one really sweet looking framed photo.

It’s a really easy interface to use, choose from a 2, 3 or 4 picture layout, choose your photos and start playing around with the colours and start creating.

Completely addictive.

Emily x

The photos are mine, taken on my iphone around Portland.



I remember my first Halloween quite vividly, there I was with all my mates at the grand age of 4 declaring I would not be coming in for my tea as I was going trick or treating! Dad, in response to his cheeky 4 year old devil (without the costume) told me that trick or treating was like begging, dragged me in kicking and screaming and there started my obsession with Halloween.

Since those days I managed to persuade my dad to let me throw a few parties as a kid, then had my days dressed like a slutty witch/cave girl/zombie and even managed to sneak in a trick or treating adventure when I was 12 (too old?)  I reached my Halloween peak at the first year of University when the party flat a few floors below mine threw the dirtiest, grungiest, most spectacular Halloween rave I have ever been to, or am ever likely to go to again. Think blacked out walls, hundreds of bodies- costume clad bodies, dancing on tables and chairs, whilst drinking straight out of bottles of wine, awesomeness). Peak reached, it’s all been downhill from there and I’ve been hiding from trick or treaters ever since.

So, whilst us Brits are finally getting wind that Halloween is an excuse to throw a party and dress up like an idiot (who know’s the real reason behind Halloween anyway?) I find myself thrown to the land where Halloween is a month long party and excuse to get crafty, dress up you dog and go insane with your costumes.

I’m getting inspired this week by all the beautifully decorated houses, porches and stoops in the Portland area, I’m heading out today to take photos whilst it’s still sunny.

For now these pretty pictures make me want to put the heating on, listen to some Fleet Foxes and get crafting.

Photos kindly nicked from here, here, here and here- Thanking you.

Emily x

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