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Happy Monday

Everyday Emily Happy Monday

Portland treated us to a sneak peak of Spring this weekend and boy did it feel good to get some sunshine for 5 minutes. Someone said it was going to hit 70 degrees on Friday, I’m reserving judgement on that one until Friday morning when I’m slipping into a sundress and cursing my English complexion.

A long time coming, I know, but here’s some happy photos for pinning, re-blogging or just enjoying on your Monday.

Also, you might want to listen to this bad boy and if you don’t like it, we can’t be friends, ‘kay?



Have a wonderful day.

Emily x

Top photo from Best Made all others via Pinterest.

Happy Monday

Have an awesome Monday people, heads up high.

Click this link for your Monday motivational song, it’s a good one, promise.


Pictures via, Funny Wildlife and Life is a Playground.

Happy Mondays

Happy Monday readers and pretty people just stumbling around the Internet.

A special Happy Monday to all the lovely American passers by who are celebrating Memorial Day.

My Memorial Day will be spent watching re runs of Sex and the City, crafting some felt bunting and probably Pinning whilst eating a huge bar of chocolate and drinking insane amounts of tea.

Most importantly I’m going to spend some time thinking about all the men and women who have fought for freedom around the world.

Here’s some inspiring snaps for your Monday and some inspiring words too.

 I love this quote by Audrey and I also love this photo of her from later on in her life, doing good and helping others.

Emily x

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Happy Mondays

Happy Monday blog kittens.

Yup, still in Hawaii and even in a beautiful place such as this I think it’s still possible to get those bad ass Monday morning blues.

So I’ve chosen a few things from the net to make you smile and get you excited about your wonderful week to come. Here’s a lovely little list to get you on the right track…

You know what, if non of that works you have my permission to throw a big hissy fit and say MEH.

Have an awesome Monday.

Emily x

All these images are taken from my Pinterest account, If you happen to know the source of the 20 things list, let me know I’d love to credit them. Follow more of me here.

Happy Mondays

Blossom on the tree, you know how I feel…

Yeah the blossom has started and the daffodils are in bloom. Spring is totally on the way on this side of the planet and it couldn’t come soon enough.

Actually, maybe it could come a little sooner for Portland, seriously this rain is biblical.

If you’re lacking a little Spring in your step this Monday morning then fear not! Here’s a few words of wisdom and Spring themed pictures to get you in the mood for this exciting season, just around the corner.

As always have a wonderful Monday wherever in the world you’re reading. Thanks for stopping by.

Emily x

Pretty pictures from my Pinterest.

Happy Mondays

I’m back!

I thought this Monday would be a struggle for me, what with leaving the tropical heat of Los Angeles and all, but strangely I’m feeling ever so chipper.

When we touched down in good old PDX Nilesh and I felt the biggest sense of relief. No post holiday blues or bitterness about the weather. For the first time ever we were actually glad to be back  somewhere we call home.

YAY for not having to drive everywhere, YAY to awesome restaurants and lovely smiling faces.

Basically YAY for Portland, I for one am so glad I get to call you home for now and I’m sorry if I ever doubted you for a minute.

Here’s a pretty ditty for your Monday listening pleasure, please sing along and have a look at my favourite pictures for you this happy Monday.

Inspiring images: Umbrella//Sunset//Collect*//Jump//Suitcases//Sunflower

Emily x

*I wish I knew who created this, but for now I have this via my Pinterest.

Happy Mondays

Happy Monday to you all and a Happy Birthday to me!

This week I’m in LA to have a little adventure time with my darling other half and celebrate hitting my mid-late 20′s (eesh!)

I’ve picked out a few local inspiring images with lots of colour and sunshine to make your Monday brighter. Oh and have a listen to this classic tune too, you can never go wrong with a little bit of The Beach Boys, they always put me in a happy place.

I hope my little collage can inspire you to go ahead and book that trip/holiday/vacation you’ve been thinking about. Life, as they say, is far too short not to.

Stop dreaming and start doing.

I’ve been well prepared and lined up my usual Trend Tuesday and Wednesday wishes posts but with a little Hollywood sparkle/spin added in. Make sure you stop by and say hello!

Have a lovely Monday.

Emily x

Today’s pictures: LA (Unknown) // Poster // Big Wheel // Dance (Unknown) // Stars // Sunset // High Colours // Debbie // Sunlight // Hollywood


Happy Mondays

Happy Monday beautiful readers.

Yes it’s Monday again but let’s make it a great one shall we? This is one of those songs that will always put me in a great place, so it should totally work for you too.

Have an ace Monday!

Emily x

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Happy Mondays

Yay! It’s Monday again!

Anyone got anything nice planned this week? I have lots of dates with the treadmill and the dog park, oh and of course lots of blogging.

Today, if you’re not quite in the Monday mood, turn this number up loud, for extra laughs watch the video. You are SO welcome.

Whatever you do, wherever you are, have a wonderful Monday.

Emily x

Photo credits: 29.Media, Casilda se casa, This Is Not Porn, Pinterest, The Jew In J Crew, Eye Poetry and La Dolce Vita


Happy Mondays

Stay cool people,don’t panic but it’s the week before Christmas.

If you’re working still, I respect the heck out of you. Turn this up and also set it as your alarm song, I defy you not to wake up in a happy mood.

Everyone else already enjoying the holiday season, stay warm, snuggle down and have a supremely festive Monday.

Emily x

Pretty photo credits, from the top: Piccsy.com, Little Kid Swag, The Fancy, From Paris to London, Opium Poppies, A Beautiful Inheritance and Running for Sanity.

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