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Happy Monday

Everyday Emily Happy Monday

Portland treated us to a sneak peak of Spring this weekend and boy did it feel good to get some sunshine for 5 minutes. Someone said it was going to hit 70 degrees on Friday, I’m reserving judgement on that one until Friday morning when I’m slipping into a sundress and cursing my English complexion.

A long time coming, I know, but here’s some happy photos for pinning, re-blogging or just enjoying on your Monday.

Also, you might want to listen to this bad boy and if you don’t like it, we can’t be friends, ‘kay?



Have a wonderful day.

Emily x

Top photo from Best Made all others via Pinterest.

House Interior- Our Farmhouse Modern Desk

If you follow me on Pinterest then you may have noticed my current obsession with home offices and desk spaces. There are so many creative options to lust over that when it came to creating my own little home office space, I had plenty of inspirational pictures to pick and choose ideas from.

We’d already invested in a desk as we bought this huge 9ft farmhouse-style antique table from our land lord. The sheer size alone meant that it was going to be a pain in the arse  for her to move, so we made her an offer and promised to fix it up lovingly into the desk of our dreams.

The Doug Fir top need a coat of varnish and the rusty coloured legs were in need of love, but Nilesh saw the potential for a epic sized office space and combined with my love of accessories and prints here’s our home office space.

Farmhouse table as desk

Desk accessories.

Desk Accessories

Portland-Desktop-Baies Candle

Farmhouse Desktop Close

Do you like it?

My favourite finds were the cheeky British Bulldog figure who looks after our mail. Not to mention the divine smelling Diptyque candle a Valentines gift from Nilesh to me and the brilliant A Helpful Reminder print by Annie Clark, my Valentines gift for Nilesh.

I’m sure we’ll chop and change with the desk accessories as life continues on, but for now I’m very happy with our Farmhouse style mega desk.

Emily x

Chairs: Vintage// Desk Boxes: The Container Store // A Helpful Reminder Print: Minted // Ceramic Bulldog: Wayfair.com // Silver Desk Lamps: Z Gallerie // Plants and Pots: Ikea //Glass Knot Paperweight: West Elm // Monogram Mugs: Anthropologie // Candle: Diptyque (Baies) // White Jug/Vase: Ikea // Mercury Owl: West Elm // Postcard: Local Portland store.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

Emily Hiya

Oh hai.

Remember that thing I said about my blog being maliciously attacked by evil spammers? Well yeah, that happened again.

Then again the next day, and again and again until I couldn’t take any more offers for counterfeit bags and I temporarily gave up EE to avoid the temptation of buying a cheap Louie V.

I handed everything over to Nilesh for “Tech Support” and hoped for the best.

Then, just as EE was fixed, my dear old computer gracefully passed away of old age. That spinny beach ball of death was just too strong.

The end of blogging seemed nigh.

After a few hours of mourning and 2 pieces of delicious French toast, I wiped away my tears, pouted a little and was handed a brand new computer of the Apple variety*. BINGO, I’m back!

So forgive my absence for a few days longer, my new computer is fast and fancy but in dire need of Photoshop to get me back on the blogging straight and narrow.

In the mean time, you can find me hanging with the cool kids on Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter.

Emily x

Selfie of me taken in my Vancouver hotel room after getting my Visa. Look closer, see the massive smug grin?
*Not a guaranteed method of getting a new computer.

Happy Mondays

Happy Labor Day America!

and a very happy Monday to the rest of you lovely people.

Nilesh and I have been lucky enough to bag a 4 day weekend and this Labor Day we’re mostly recovering from the following:

Jet lag

Over induldging on Indian food

Hangovers from our first American wedding experience.

Despite these minor issues Pinterest is still blowing my little mind and a small slice of Tumblr  is easing me into my very first Labor Day (on the sofa.)

Whilst you’re here please enjoy some pretty pictures from the World Wide Web, pass me the Toblerone and turn up the Sex and the City.

Big love always,

Emily x

Photos via: An Jaeden, Intoxicated Infants, Going Costal, Pretty Pink Prep and Who’s Laughing Now.

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Happy Mondays

Oh Monday, here we are again and I’m a little late today. For some of you reading you’re nearly into Tuesday already.

I have a good excuse today though, because after feeling a little gloomy last week, Nilesh instructed me to pack a weekend bag and whisked me off for a surprise weekend in Seattle. More about this unexpected pleasure later…

After a late night train journey home and catching up with one of my favourite British TV programmes, I’m a little late. Better late then never, as they say, here are my pick of pictures for Happy Monday.

Please listen along with this most beautiful Regina Spektor song, I can’t believe I’d forgotten how beautiful her voice is.

I really hope you’re having the most beautiful of Mondays, you deserve it.

Emily x

All image sources via my Pinterest.

Happy Mondays

Happy Monday monkeys

I hate to say it but the little mini heat wave we were enjoying has sadly come to an end.

This Monday it’s gloomy, humid and I’m in dire need of comfort food and a good movie.

Despite the dreary start to the week, I’m trying to think positive and focus on the fun stuff I have planned for the future. An exciting trip to Vancouver to meet up with a friend, booking flights home to England for Christmas (early bird special!) and a Fall, Californian road trip with family.

It’s making fun plans like these that keep me going on a rainy Monday morning, maybe you should make some plans too?

Here’s some of my favourite pretty, inspiring and adorable pins just for you this week.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Emily x

All images via my Pinterest.

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Everyday Emily has a brand new Twitter account all of her own, here she is in all her pastel macron prettiness. Isn’t she a beaut?

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I’ll be tweeting about the blog, my Pinterest finds and everything lovely that pops up on the Internet.

Come on over and say hello!

Emily x

P.S  Thank you to all my new Bloglovin followers, you’re all awesome.

Image from here.

Happy Mondays

Happy Monday blog kittens.

Yup, still in Hawaii and even in a beautiful place such as this I think it’s still possible to get those bad ass Monday morning blues.

So I’ve chosen a few things from the net to make you smile and get you excited about your wonderful week to come. Here’s a lovely little list to get you on the right track…

You know what, if non of that works you have my permission to throw a big hissy fit and say MEH.

Have an awesome Monday.

Emily x

All these images are taken from my Pinterest account, If you happen to know the source of the 20 things list, let me know I’d love to credit them. Follow more of me here.

Happy Mondays

Happy Monday lovely readers.

As of tomorrow my family and I will be flying out of Portland for a little Hawaiian vacation. Needless to say we’re all a little excited for some solid sunshine.

Coming from England, I grew up never thinking I’d make it all the way out to Hawaii, I mean it’s pretty far. Perhaps subconsiously it was part of the appeal in coming to Portland, 6 hour direct flight to Hawaii is a pretty sweet deal.

Anyway, I haven’t forgotten you and your Mondays around the globe, so here’s some pretty pictures to start your day. I hope these get you day dreaming and perhaps aiming to do something you only dreamed about as a little one.

The bottom set of pictures are taken from the wonderful Amber Mozo’s Tumblr. Her blissful, fun pictures are so inspirational to me and she just happens to live in Hawaii. Be sure to take a peek into her  beautiful world.

Have a wonderful day, never stop dreaming.

Emily x

All other pictures via my Pinterest.

Happy Mondays

Happy Monday darlings

This weekend every hipster and his French bulldog were wondering around Portland as the sun finally made a appearance from behind the clouds this Sunday. What’s most exciting is it seems to be sticking around for the next few days (fingers crossed).

I know a sunny Monday morning always makes the trip to school/job/home much happier, so make sure you get your fair share of Vitamin D today and take your lunch break outside if you can :)

Have a listen to this classic sunny tune and have a short daydream about lazy sunny days or snuggling cozy evenings.

These are my Happy Mondays pictures.

Have a happy Monday,

Emily x

All images via my Pinterest.

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