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Adventures in LA

Sometimes, after taking a bazillion photos on my “proper camera” I’m happier with the way my little iphone captures the special moments.

Have a looksee at our little LA adventure via Instagram.

Pretty Santa Monica beach houses with the seagulls poised, ready to eat your corn dog.

We hit up the Terry Richardson exhibition bright and early one morning. I do LOVE his photos.

Our pretty little holiday cottage nestled within the Venice Canals. We obviously pretended we owned it as people passed by and scoffed at us, perhaps assuming we were rich kids.

Beach cruising along from Venice to Santa Monica on my little green machine. Possibly the place place on earth for people watching. Look out for the work out groups on Kangaroo boots, the skating grannies or the occasional man in just his underpants.

The best view of the Hollywood sign on Canyon Lake Drive, bonus points for seeing a celebrity walk their dog in the park.

More playing tourist at Universal Studios Hollywood. I left with the biggest headache ever, turns out you can see too many 3D shows in one day.

A rainy day out on Santa Monica Pier lead us to the Mystical Zoltar (from the movie Big) Obviously I wished to be bigger with no luck

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Emily x

Happy Mondays

Happy Monday to you all and a Happy Birthday to me!

This week I’m in LA to have a little adventure time with my darling other half and celebrate hitting my mid-late 20′s (eesh!)

I’ve picked out a few local inspiring images with lots of colour and sunshine to make your Monday brighter. Oh and have a listen to this classic tune too, you can never go wrong with a little bit of The Beach Boys, they always put me in a happy place.

I hope my little collage can inspire you to go ahead and book that trip/holiday/vacation you’ve been thinking about. Life, as they say, is far too short not to.

Stop dreaming and start doing.

I’ve been well prepared and lined up my usual Trend Tuesday and Wednesday wishes posts but with a little Hollywood sparkle/spin added in. Make sure you stop by and say hello!

Have a lovely Monday.

Emily x

Today’s pictures: LA (Unknown) // Poster // Big Wheel // Dance (Unknown) // Stars // Sunset // High Colours // Debbie // Sunlight // Hollywood


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